Enriching and fulfilling experience!

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

If you are looking for an enriching and fulfilling experience with elephants in Thailand, please look no further. The volunteering program with the Mahouts Elephant foundation was exactly what we were looking for. Being immersed in a Karen community was so culturally rewarding and the kindness we received was overwhelming. It was truly an enlightening experience in every way. We gained knowledge about the state of elephant tourism in Thailand and, by the end, knew we had made the most ethical decision in choosing this volunteer opportunity. By clearing campsites and building dams to collect water for wildlife, we felt we were getting our hands dirty and doing some good rather than just being a spectator. The week ended with a camp out and many hours spent observing four beautiful elephants in their natural habitat. All expectations were greatly exceeded and I encourage you to consider this exceptional week in Hoyt Pakoot. You won’t regret it! Da Blue!

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