Conservation in Barra Honda National Park

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I took 8 students to the Barra Honda National Park in July this year. We all had such a great time!
We completed a variety of activities through-out our two weeks volunteering. These included litter picking in the local area, mural painting on the dormitories we were stayingin, trail clearing to help with fire prevention in drier months and tree planting to improve connections between biodiversity hot-spots. We also took part in research work which is contributing to a longer term project on butterflies, monkeys and bats within the national park. These projects involved hiking through the park to record butterfly species, monkey troops and collecting data on bat species that live in the various caves in the park.
The staff who run the conservation project were amazing. Daniel, Oscar, Juan and Andrea were the main people we worked with and they made every activity interesting and relevant to the students. The kitchen staff were also wonderful, they produced excellent food day after day (my particular favourite being anything with plantain in!).
At the weekends we were lucky to be able to explore the local area and take part in a range of activities. These included zip-lining, tubing, whale watching and visiting a local conservation area.
Overall we had the greatest time and I would recommend this trip to anyone thinking about doing conservation based volunteering!!!!

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