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Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

From begging was everything amazing. First week I had problems with stiff neck, was very uncomfortable but Everyone tried to help, still didn’t want to missed anything from trip, cause everything what was in our itinerary I wanted to visit or see. Food was so tasty and that tuna for last night OH GOSH, never eat something better. Accommodation was just stunning. Trip were well planned. But I think you should do more days not only 12 days. BIG thank you to Stuart, he knows what he is doing and he was funny.

The trip starts in Negombo and goes around the country. It is a 12 day trip and includes lots of activities including safari, surfing, yoga, hiking, temples and some local village experiences. The group size varies but the average is around 12 people.

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