An Unforgettable Experience with CRCC Osaka

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

My internship in Osaka had to be one of the best experience I've ever had to me it was pretty great and a lot better than I expected. This was good because I was really skeptical ongoing in the first place because first off it is pretty expensive and is unpaid. But I feel the people I met and immersing myself in the experience made it really worth it for me.

The Internship:
My internship was for a month doing Market Research and Web Analytics for a new tourism agency offering experience in the city of Osaka. Most of the internships were for startup companies and although not directly my major, I was still able to learn new skill on the job, a bit about myself, and cultural differences of Japan. I communicated with one of my coworkers who was fluent in both English and Japanese to my boss to help me understand my work tasks. Otherwise, I was fine with my placement and enjoy working for the company and working with my coworkers. My fellow interns had varying experiences as well but overall I feel they were also fine with their situations.

CRCC Asia:
The staff was very helpful throughout the entire program whether we had any issues or questions they were there to solve them. They went above beyond what I was expecting and were personable and felt more like friends then advisors throughout it all. We had a generally small group of 16 interns compared to Tokyo's 50+ but this made it nice because I was able to get to know everyone pretty well.

Accommodations and Services:
The accommodation I stayed in was brand new and furnished no roommates or shared parts except the lounge. We stayed at a social apartment where we got to know Japanese tenants as well as our fellow interns. This isn't the case for all the program locations and possibly future programs so I have to say we were lucky. CRCC offered tours, business events, and cultural events offered once a week that was great to attend we visited many tourists destinations, networking events, guest speakers, etc. We generally had free time on weekends and holidays to do whatever we wanted as well and we weren't obligated to go to the events.

Overall thoughts:
I'm overall pretty satisfied with the program. I believe we had the best program based out of all CRCC Asia. The coordinators that were on-site definitely made the program for us and I greatly appreciated that. There aren't many things I disliked at all other than the cost because it is pricey once you factor in travel, transportation and food it can be costly. However, I feel that if you do this program you will learn and gain a lot from the experience and make a many great memories along the way.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed