Experience of a life time! Cambodia September 2019

Impact: 10
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Right from the start the team at Projects Abroad was the BEST! They were always attentive and answered any question I had right away. I started my quest a year ago for a company that had volunteering services anywhere in the world and I am so glad I choose Projects Abroad and Asia! The Team walked me every step to my first trip to Asia. Their travel division set up my flights and from beginning to end, it went off without a hitch! Overall my experience itself was above & beyond my expectations. Once I arrived in Cambodia at the Phnom Penh airport, I was taken to my accommodations for the next 14 days. I could not have asked for anything more comfortable. I meet people from all over the world who were giving their time in the medical, dental, educational and financial fields to help people & businesses advance into a healthy and successful environment. Clearly Projects Abroad certainly has made a big impact on Cambodia, working to move it from its difficult past to a hopeful future.
Being in the “50 & over group” I learned the tragic history of this country, yet I was impressed with the Cambodian people who always have a smile on their faces. I was exposed to their creative side of puppet making, native cooking, theater and their beautiful architecture such as: The Royal Place, Temples & Pagoda’s. I learned about their tragic history of the Cambodian genocide carried out by the Khmer Rouge back in the 70’s. I spent one weekend on a rice farm, enjoyed a beautiful trip to Siem Reap & visited the floating village and Angkor Wat
My favorite time was being in a classroom of children from the ages of five to fourteen and helping them with their English. My English teachers would have been rolling their eyes and I was nervous at first, but the children were exceptional and smart. What an experience!
My motivation for this travel experience was to give back, and I hope I did in my own little way, however I walked away feeling that this country gave me something I will always be so thankful for and never ever forget! Thank you so very much!

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