Trip to Cambodia made the summer of 2019 special

Impact: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 7
Safety: 10

This is my first time to set foot on the land of Cambodia, I was a little nervous at the beginning, did not know whether I could adapt to the local climate and poor conditions, and I did not know whether I could live and work happily with other volunteers.But when I got there and met Rich (who was my coordinator), I knew I could make a good living here.

I live in the hotel together with volunteers in many countries, to be there the next day is Saturday, we don't have to work.On that day , Projects Abroad staff introduced the working content, matters needing attention for us, and arrange the cultural learning courses, let us in can understand the local customs and before the start of work.

Over the next few days, we began our child care work. We sailed to an island where we taught English to about 30 children ages 5 to 8 and played with them until their parents picked them up after work.This process is simple, but also very tired, because the children are very young, the class can be distracted, so we need to constantly use some ways to attract their attention.These children are very warm, every day when we arrive and leave will greet us loudly and warmly.They can only speak simple English, but they still keep chasing us to play and talk. They know that we can't understand, so they will use a lot of body language to express their ideas.This is very different from Chinese children. Cambodian children are warm and open, which makes us feel welcome and important to them.

This volunteer trip was very interesting both at work and on weekends. I made a lot of friends there and learned a lot about the economic and social situation in Cambodia from talking with them, which was like a new world for me.It can be said that this is a completely different way of experience from tourism, which allows me to have a deeper, more comprehensive and more real understanding of a country and a culture.

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