So Many Fun Activities!

Growth: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

I loved this trip so much and recommend it to anyone who loves adventure! I was super nervous at first, and have never gone on a trip by myself before, but as soon as I met everyone at the airport, my nerves went away. It was an amazing trip, and we did so many fun activities, including: ziplining, canyoning, tubing, hiking, snorkeling, and my personal favourite... surfing! I loved how each day we had a different activity planned, but we still had enough down time to either go swimming, shopping, or rest time, so that we did not tire ourselves out too quickly. We even went on a personal boat ride to an island where we did some snorkeling, paddle boarding, and swimming. We also had lunch on board as well! I totally would recommend this trip!

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