Heredia, Costa Rica - My 3 Week Home

Academics: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

I wish my time in Costa Rica could have been longer. I loved getting to know my host family and learning to speak Spanish more fluently with them (I accidentally told my host mom that my brothers died from cat allergies instead of that they are deathly allergic to cats). My professor made course work fun and applicable to everything I was doing while in Heredia. During my three weeks, I felt that I became part of the community in Heredia. I knew the city and walked it’s streets as someone who lived there (even though I got lost many times). The markets were filled with experiences - new food, fruits, spices, souvenirs, art, and more. I learned to dance several typical Spanish dances and practiced them at bars and dance events around the city. I was able to travel with friends and my USAC group to different areas of the country on the weekend to explore the culture and biodiversity. This experience for me improved my Spanish tenfold, introduced me to beautiful locations and wonderful people, introduced me to new culture that made me also reflect on my own, developed a community for me of friends and mentors who supported my growth and I am still in contact with today! I love Heredia, Costa Rica - my home of 3 weeks.

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I had an amazing experience in Costa Rica and wish I could have stayed longer! It was such a beautiful place with incredible people, and my program made sure I was supported in any way I needed while there to have the best experience I could.