Growth: 7
Support: 6
Fun: 4
Housing: 8
Safety: 9

6 mouths ago, which was the first time for me to go to the UK. 6 mouths later, when I start to review this unique experience, some splendid spectacles came to my mind.

We got to the UK at night, it was a humid country, few cars and many old fashion buildings. Cyclist took up the city, and cows, sheep took up the country side.
Our journey began in Cambridge, dormitory located in Clare collage, the city was surrounded by the river Cam.

A brave trial was proceeding, I literally tasted the liquid of the river, it feels good, as if I am drinking the water from my fish tank.
Somehow, the captain was doing well with other competitors of racing boat. However, we could not avoid the collision with other rowboats. My dear friend, middle finger, part of the left hand, nearly been killed and dropped into the river.

Thanks to Norwich, a city by the sea, provided such special experience to me which was swimming in the stream. A great pirate, Rayman, who turned over the water-bucket-boat, where I was sitting, smiling after taking the captain’s power, controlling my four water buckets. It can’t be worse to both.

Good athlete, actually a friendly biology expert, showed us around the botanical garden of Cambridge under the “roasting” of the Sun. It was a busy day, we visited some of the hothouses, there were many incredible vegetation, some herbaceous leaf had a size like the closet hole, which is so big! The others, like bamboo, was also grown at the other side of the garden.

I am a big fan of Harry Potter, luckily, we went to Harry Potter’s World in London. The flying broom, Nimbus 2000, was selling in the Display window, I can ensure that if my trunk was big enough, I will take one!
An extreme small Hogwarts was place at the end of the gallery. All kids in UK would love to study at Hogwarts including a international pre-wizard which is me. Things had been proved that I can actually summon the broom, as when I said “up”, the controller will press the button, and magically, the broom flowed up.

During the last few days, we joined the formal, it was good, we got beautiful girls there, everyone looks brilliant in Western-style clothes and posh Evening-Dress. We got drinks in the middle of the green and had some chatting with friends and tutors. It gave me a deep impression not because of the beverages, but the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere I never seen in my hometown.

I would like to call the 2019 Summer School Youth. It was our youth and our teen. When I am writing this revision, these memories feel like they happened a long time ago, not because they can’t remind me a lot, but as the decline of human brain and its memory system, but the truth is, the unique experience in the UK does happened, and it never be erased.

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