Expedition leader (tired) but very well trained!

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I signed up to this course not really sure what I wanted out of it but having always loved challenging myself, being outdoors and travelling the world. This course delivered that and more.

The last four months have been a serious test of grit and perseverance; from eating porridge every day for four months to trekking through beautiful, dense jungle for twelve hours a day; leading multi-day cycles around lakes and volcanoes and trying to stay awake through overnight cave rescue/medical training.

The instructors are awesome, supportive and experienced people who help you discover strengths you didn’t think you had. I’ve come away with a clear idea of the direction I want to take and relevant, industry recognised qualifications. The course packs a lot in so don’t expect to have a day off in the four months you’re away but who cares when you’re doing something different and insane pretty much every day!

Whether you’re interested in getting into the industry or not I cannot recommend this course enough. If you’re currently sat in a grey office wondering if this course is worth the investment then I can 100% confirm that signing up will be the best choice you make.

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Yes, I would
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