Life-changing experience studying abroad

Academics: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Originally from China, studying in the US is already study abroad for me. But halfway through college, I realized my worldview was limited by what I could see in front of me. Having studied German for four years back then, I wanted to come to Germany through a program that provides a fully immersive environment for me to improve my languages skills and learn about the culture. BCGS did exactly that. I enjoyed a high degree of autonomy during my time in Berlin, while BCGS gave me a home away from home that I could always fall back on. Being able to live with a host family at the beginning of my stay allowed me to adapt faster, and even till this day I’m still in touch with my host parents. And then, apartment hunting, learning to speak up in a classroom full of German students, surviving the long Berlin winter and then enjoying the best summer one could have – every day taught me to grow, to be more independent and disciplined, to find confidence and my inner self at an age of uncertainty.

Time in Europe significantly shaped my worldview and gave me the confidence to embark on an international career in the future. Although I’m not sure if I will come back to Germany immediately, Berlin will always hold a special place in my heart and remain a home for me oceans away. If you are reading this and are considering BCGS, be convinced it is one of the best study abroad programs out there. Just be prepared to grow, know what you want to get out of this experience, seek out opportunities and resources, and keep an open mind toward every person you meet. BCGS was the most transformative year of my college experience, and I’m very thankful I did that.

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