The Adventure of Volunteering

Impact: 9
Support: 8
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 8

My adventure of volunteering in Africa, started from One World Center, an institution that provide all the skills to take action against poverty in the country of Mozambique. The Volunteering program consists in three months of studies and preparation in sociological, political, and social leadership skills.

Who decides to volunteer will experience a very large personal and emotional growth. The program challenges you in different aspects of life that allow you to grow not only as a professional but also in personally way. Humanitarian work goes beyond conventional work, since it is about understanding the reality of others, of seeking with respect and solidarity the welfare of the most vulnerable people in the world. Many african communities needs your help.

In addition to studies on the poverty and reality of the world, you will also have beautiful experiences within the One World Center, such as summer camps, weekends buildings and other activities that will allow you to meet many people who wants to help and leave a mark in the society.

After three months of studies, my adventure continued in Chimoio, a small city 20 hours far away by car from Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. While four months that I lived over there, I experimented the best travel of my life. Being a Volunteer in Namathanda, a vulnerable community that despite the difficulties such as the absence of water and food smile every day. I am sure that I learned more from them than what I could share them. Every day in that beautiful country was a blessing for me.

After the work done in Africa, I returned to the United States to complete my program. For two more months, I traveled to different cities to share the experience and inspire more people about to take the same decision as I. Act against poverty, an adventure that transforms your life.

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