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Housing: 5
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Fun: 5
Value: 5
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I remember a few weeks into Spain (our first country), realizing what Global U was actually like, and thinking “Wow, Global U was made just for me!”

I had background with programming, as I am studying Computer Science in college and never would have thought I would find a program that is tailored for exactly what I am all about and want to do with my life. I got into Computer Science with missions in mind, wanting to work remote and solve problems, and I couldn’t believe that I was led to this program and then once in it, experiencing the perfect thing for me—other people who are passionate about combining the business and entrepreneurship (a new love of mine I didn’t think I would have) with pursuing Jesus, and a staff that is so FOR YOU and your GROWTH. I thought I was mostly alone in this, but there are others my age running after the hard things in life!

It’s bringing me a smile to think about it now—how God brought together our group and made us into a tight knit community in a space that is so well fostered for growth. Not only did I grow academically in mostly learning how to self-learn with great guidance, but also to be poured into spiritually by people I look up to, and be encouraged and guided into building things that solve real problems and bring God’s Kingdom—and then not to mention all the traveling and fun and crazy experiences—it was like it was too perfectly made for me.

So if you’re reading this and feeling a tug at all, listen! At first I didn’t think there was any way on Earth that I would do Global U since I at my plan in college set before me (and the fundraising freaked me out). But I could not stop thinking about it. And God provided in more ways than one. You won’t regret it!

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