Value: 10
Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

Where to start!

This was my first time travelling on a group tour and I must admit I was quite nervous!

All of my worries were quickly washed away after meeting my group leader at the airport. Dave was very welcoming and made me feel assured and comfortable the experience would be incredible!

The trip was just amazing and I can’t describe the amount of respect and appreciation I have for intro travel as a company! Everything from the help with my bookings from their office to the support on the ground during the trip I was very impressed 🙂

We saw all the best stops and must see things to do in Sri Lanka all while hitting some really cool off the beaten path things I’m sure I would of never experienced without being on this group tour.

The monk experience truly was an absolute highlight for me and something I will always hold as an ultimate travel experience.

All the accommodations were better then expected and always comfortable. Especially Ella! WOW what a view right from your balcony 🙂

Throughout the trip we had the chance to try loads of local cuisine which was also a big highlight for me. Props to Dave for the epic food recommendations and teaching me how to say “little spicy!” Probably one of the most use phrases I picked up along the way!

All in all the trip was absolutely fantastic. We arrived majority solo travellers and left as a family, something I was pleasantly surprised about is the friendships made along the way 🙂

Big shout out to Dave and Intro travel for this unforgettable experience and looking forward to travelling with them again in the future

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