Epic Trip

Value: 10
Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

Epic 2 weeks away with intro travel once again!

These guys never cease to impress! This is my 3rd time travelling with intro and It’s a tough decision but I’d have to say personally this was my favourite intro trip so far.

The accommodation was incredible from glamping tents to our hippy styled eco retreat it was epic stays the whole way.

My leader Dave had horrible dad jokes but that aside absolute legend. Clearly best mates with all the local legends along the way including our main man Prasad.

Having Prasad the local Sri Lankan guide around was an experience you just can’t beat. Him and Dave clearly get on well and their passion for travel and showing everyone the absolute best of Sri Lanka made for a non stop good time.

Surf lesson was ace! The instructors were your picture perfect surf dudes nice and helpful as they come. Favourite day of the tour for me no doubt.

As always, thanks for the epic time intro I’ll be back again and maybe again after that.

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