Amazing spanish course in Valencia by EuroAce

Instruction: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 7
Housing: 8
Value: 8

I had an amazing time in Valencia with EuroAce. My accommodation was perfectly situated in the city centre and within 3 minutes walking to to school itself. My roommates were very kind and helpful. The the school itself, the classes were always fun and interactive. I am a 19 years old Dutch guy and I never really liked school before, but this course is super interactive and the teachers are really nice and helpful. Which resulted in me going to school with pleasure. If you want something explained they wil always listen and try their best. It is actually amazing how quick I learned how to speak Spanish. I had very little previous knowledge of Spanish and after two months I was able to have a Spanish conversation with actual Spanish people. I also made friends in Valencia who were on other bigger schools, and the thing that makes EuroAce so great is that they emphasize a lot on speaking. In the classes you almost only speak Spanish. Of course you can ask anything in English but the focus is fully on speaking Spanish. With four hours a day for two months I made a lot of progression. The classes and the school are small which makes that you feel ''at home'' quickly. The way the staff treats you is very personal, they know your name and if you have any questions or problems they are always ready to help. For example, I had a problem with my bracelet and when I told the staff they immediately called an English speaking dentist and the problem was fixed within two days. They also plan weekly social activities outside of school which is great for making friends. When I was in Valencia the coronavirus epidemic happened, which made me have to go to my home in the Netherlands one month earlier. The communication with EuroAce was very easy and quick and when I arrived home I continued my classes online. The online classes are very good as well, of course it is harder to teach and learn online instead of actually sitting in the same classroom. But still I really enjoy my classes. They are still interactive and we get to speak a lot. So to sum up my experience with EuroAce in Valencia, I would say that it was close to perfect and I would recommend everyone. And btw they didn't ask me to leave a good review.

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I want to give props to Samuel for the great classes he gave me. He made the classes interactive and interesting. If we wanted something explained in a certasin manner he was always happy to help. ANd because he emphasized on speaking so much, I spoke better SPanish than friends of mine on other spanish schools like hispania who had classes for 4 months instead of my two. And that even though i slept through my first classes quite a lot :). ALso in the future if the bars are opening up, I went to the intercambios from i think it was valencia exchange. And that helped so much with learning spansih and makeing friends. SO I would recommend advertising that more to future students.