The best impulse decision I ever made

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I found out about Scotia Personnel when walking through a career fair through my university. I was taking engineering and only had some experience working with kids when I did babysitting years before. I still applied because I thought going abroad for the Summer would be a great opportunity and even though I only had a small amount of experience in childcare, I had done good work in the past. Thanks to Scotia Personnel, I had two experiences working abroad. My first experience was when I got to work as a camp coach in The United Kingdom and the second time, I worked as an Au Pair in Italy for a family with two young boys. Both experiences, the most valuable things Scotia Personnel did was guide me through the process for my travelling, get me in contact with people I would be working with and they were understanding about any questions and problems I had when applying because it was my first time travelling out of country by myself. Before travelling, I tend to get nervous and anxious and Scotia Personnel really helped with my nerves. The first year, they got me in contact with another camp coach who I made a great friend with and the second year, I was speaking with my host family (now called my second family) a lot before leaving and helping me get in touch with people I would be spending my Summer with really helped ease my nerves both times. Both Summers were amazing experiences and before I got the call from Scotia Personnel after I applied the first time, I never would have thought I could have a job abroad while I was still in university. But more importantly, I never saw myself as a childcare worker. I did it before but I never thought it was more than a favor for my family friends (that I happened to get paid for). But now that I had my two experiences abroad, meeting new friends, experiencing different parts of the world and feeling like I had an impact on the kids I worked with, I can't imagine myself not having worked with Scotia Personnel. Which is crazy because I was debating on going to the career fair in the first place. If anyone is debating on taking a Summer to try an experience like becoming a camp coach or an Au Pair, I couldn't recommend it enough and Scotia Personnel made it so simple and way less stressful than I thought it would be. Also, being an Au Pair and a camp coach are very different experiences (I can't recommend one over the other either. They're both great but one feels like a fun summer camp with a different bunch of kids every week, and the other feels like you're a big brother/sister for your new family for a few months) and the process for recruiting for each of them are really different but I was able to do both seamlessly. So that is a testament to how easy they made the process. Thanks to everyone at Scotia Personnel, I had two of the best Summers of my life!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would