Virtual Internship with Accessible Nepal

Content: 10
Engagement: 10
Support: 10
Platform: 10
Value: 10

This summer I interned with Accessible Nepal, a company focused on bringing people with reduced mobility closer to the beauties of Nepal. As someone who loves volunteering in my own community, it was an amazing experience to step into an unfamiliar place and learn about their lifestyles and customs while completing this internship. This past month, I worked with both Anish and Shiva. They both helped me successfully complete my assignments by checking in with me twice a week and giving me feedback on the work I had completed. With their guidance, I was able to build connections and immerse myself in the Nepali culture.
Within this internship, I worked on the social media posts and stories for the Accessible Nepal Instagram page. By doing this, I learned more about marketing and how to address different audiences via social media. I also have created lesson plans for the ages 7-16 on topics such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having good behavior. Through these tasks, I learned how to adapt to an online working environment and work collaboratively with the challenges of time zone differences.
Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the Accessible Nepal team thoroughly and hope to have the opportunity to visit Nepal soon.

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