Practical, Professional Course - Motivating and Fun

Content: 10
Engagement: 10
Support: 10
Platform: 10
Value: 10

Compared to other language courses I have taken, Mind Your Language focuses more on practical application and more on repetition.
The course is about 20% new sentence structures or new words and 80% conversation, where you practice again and again with words you have learned (even from a few months ago). The teacher is very patient, with humour but also professional: always correcting mistakes without judging. He explains the difference between formal and informal Thai, we practice mostly with informal Thai (like sometimes using an L instead of an R and dropping the pronouns; as this is how most Thai actually speak).
He uses his own material, it can use some refinement, but what I like is that it builds vocabulary by category (many books focus on a dialogue and then eg you learn only the Thai words for 3 jobs, so you are directly stuck if reality is a bit different from the dialogue. Here you learn 30 jobs; same with dishes, drinks, locations, vegetables etc).

In short: very recommended. You will learn Thai that you can actually use.

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