Internship/Gap Year during the pandemic

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Internex made my year!
I had envisaged my year off completely differently to how it actually turned out …. And it couldn't have turned out any better!

Despite the Pandemic and the borders to New Zealand shutting down just after my plane landed in Auckland I had an amazing experience, which I will never forget for the rest of my life. This experience was made all the more memorable and joyful thanks to the work of Internex and especially Chris. He organised and reorganised a host family for me, he made sure I had all the correct documents and he was available to answer all of my questions.

In order to be able to enter NZ I had to go into quarantine for two weeks. Since my original host family did not want the risk of my having the virus and me staying with them, Chris had to find me a new family. He was under time pressure since I was due to arrive the next day. However he found me a wonderful host family and I had the best time with them for the whole of my stay.

After those two weeks the next challenge came along.
I wasn’t able to start my internship in the school, as by that time the virus had spread and we all had to go into a 7 week lockdown. Even though I wasn't able to meet everyone live, I was able to meet them online and carry out my internship.
After those 7 weeks, I finally was able to visit the school in person, where I continued the internship and had an amazing time and absolutely loved it.

Even though I was on the other side of the world without my family or friends during lockdown, I had a great time and would do it all over again!
I never once felt uncomfortable or scared that I wasn’t able to travel or get to experience my gap year/internship in a normal way. Chris had found me an amazing host family who I really got to love and spend the best of times with.

Looking back at my time during the internship, I have to say it was one of the most exciting and also scary things I have done. All of the ups and downs of not knowing when the Lockdown was going to end and where I would be, was so worth it. And knowing that Chris was always there to help me made me feel safe and secure.

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