Absolutely appaling - bullying at the camp

Instruction: 7
Support: 7
Fun: 2
Housing: 5
Value: 1

My brother and I sent our boys to the camp. When we picked them up and debriefed from the two weeks they spent there, they mentioned a few pieces of feedback such a the fact most activities should have been extras booked prior to the camp. Our son and his cousin got bored several times. We did not know we had to book something or he would get bored. This was not very clear. So they ended up going to the beach everyday.

Second regarding the academical level, it seems our boys were mainly listening three hours to Spanish classes in the morning. They did not speak much. They both said they spoke more English that Spanish!

But the real issue we have with the camp is that one of them faced bullying. He has mentioned it to the staff and no one reacted. I am extremely disappointed by the behavior of the camp manager to whom he mentioned the problem.
Two children younger than him kept bothering him. One called him a “a failure”. The other kept giving him nicknames because he has glasses and even threw stones and small pieces to him. He only told them to stop and asked help from the staff. The staff did not do anything. The staff did not move. As a result he felt poorly during all the “free" time not in class as these kids were around him.

Eventually he pushed the kid for him to stop and the head of the camp only told him this was not the best way. I think the best way would have been for this “head of the camp” to intervene before. It seems harassment is something accepted by these folks. The staff seems to be ok with bullying happening at the camp - this is definitely not a place I will send again my son and will proactively tell it to anyone interested in their camp.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
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