Mechina for someone who wants to be with Israelis and also is ready for a real challenge

Housing: 5
Support: 3
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 3

This program (being the Mechina collaboration with the Gail Elyon Mechina organization on Kibbutz Amir) is really well built to intensely prepare you for success in the world and ease the transition between army and home life. It is intended to challenge and push all of its participants while allowing them to connect with Israelis and see a different side of the country. Amidst the challenges you make invaluable life-long connections, laugh a ton, and sleep very little. The Mechina has workouts that keep you in shape and forces you to learn not only how yo advocate for yourself and take charge of your own life but also how to be a part of a group dependent on you and your ability to deliver. You are both independent and depended on by everyone. I personally have gained so much from the difficulty of the program and the challenge has helped me forge really deep connections with other participants.

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Yes, I would
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