Online Course: Foundations in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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As the 2nd place winner of the 2021 Gap Years Fair Scholarship by Go Overseas, I decided to use the $5,000 scholarship to enroll in the online course "Foundations in Sustainable Entreprenuership" (along with funding my first year in business as a Global Education DEI Specialist and Content Creator and investing in equipment to expand my content creation).

The course was so awesome and was made up of four other courses:

- GVI Careers in Sustainable Development:

where I learned the basics about choosing a career path that aligns with my values and mission, along with personal branding & marketing

- GVI Impact Measurement:

where I learned about the importance of measuring social and environmental impact in business and the theories behind how to measure that impact

- GVI Leading Teams for Impact:

where I learned about how to implement impact measurement in a team setting and the tools needed to keep teams on their toes on measuring impact

- GVI Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing:

where I learned about the behavioral science behind social entrepreneurs, creating impact, and how to find investors who are aligned with your mission to invest in your business or organization

I gained so much from all of these courses as an entrepreneur in my first year in business and know that I will carry the lessons and tools I learned from these courses with me for life.

Also, I took these courses virtually, amidst the pandemic, and got contracted covid myself while I was taking the courses. Luckily for me, I had an amazing support team from GVI who helped me along the way - thank you Tami!

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