Parzival Academy

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 7
Value: 8
Safety: 10

As a gap year student, I found Parzival Academy a good compliment to my process of mulling over deeper questions of Where I Want To Go. Doing the program, I was helped to be made conscious of considering the elements of a question and how they relate to each other as a living process, something to live in rather than face down and finish. Not all questions have to be answered. I had many valuable discussions and guided thought processes- like digging deep into my memories of when I felt happiest- that made me reconsider many basic concepts (like what constitutes my happiness) in a new light, and the end result that that led toward was, for me, a simple feeling of having taken an Inventory of sorts. For myself (and, I imagine, for anyone at my stage of many, many questions), this is a very good complimentary feeling to have.
I think that the only aspect of the program that I would change would be to have Making Things be more of a standard element in the curriculum. I felt better working with the ideas in the program on something other than a screen, and I found it difficult to keep a regular practice of making my own semi-artistic documentation of my thought process through the program without other students doing something similar. What collective projects we did do, though, like the collaborative creation of a story, were very good experiences.
Besides that, Kim and Raluca are very good conversationalists, and generally good people to spend your time with, in person or virtually. Conversation is really at the heart of the program, and they are good at curating it; and though the social scene was small with only six people most of the time, it did not feel very small at all to me. I imagine that that will only change for the better as Parzival Academy grows and develops.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed