Life Skills that Matter; Homeschool Friendly

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Home educated and very intelligent, my son had ideas of what he would like to do but lacked the clarity and confidence to move forward. College did not seem the best option for him, yet he needed an experience beyond home schooling that would help prepare him for adult life. Parzival Academy has been the perfect solution.

Through this past year, he has become very clear about who he is, what truly matters to him, his vision for the future and how he can serve others. Understanding his strengths, he exhibits greater confidence in his ability to develop his career. The individual weekly coaching sessions have been amazing, as they are frequently followed by a new action. I believe the communication skills he has learned may be the single greatest tool for relating with and impacting others that he will use throughout his life. Making friends across the country has been an added bonus.

If “price is what you pay” and “value is what you receive”, then Parzival Academy is an exceptional value! I’ve found the program makes efficient use of time, is effective in teaching life skills that truly matter, and worth every penny!

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