Another way of living

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

In my hole life I never stayed longtime away from home. This was the first time longer away and that is a experience everybody should do. We had our preparation period in one world center and because of that we lived there for two month. We learned a lot about climate change and the way we learned it was special. Of course we also have to read texts and listen to teachers, but every time we also discuss about it and it was interactive. In addition we played games or had interactive courses so it was never boring. We not only learnd about climate change. We learned about ourselves and many skills you actually need in live (e.g. leadership skills, public speaking...)Also we had enough freetime to get to know each other and do things together, like playing ping pong, football, going for a walk in the forest or do many other things.
The living in one world center was very different to everything I did before. First of all we all hade a roommate and eat and spend most of the time in a bigger group of people. What is in my opinion really nice and interesting. But also the center is big enough that you can have space for you if you want to. Also the decisions about what to do and who does what are made by the students and not by the teachers. It the kind of living where everybody can speak for themselves. For example we have one time on a week a common meeting in which everybody can bring up a point and than all people discuss together and find a solution.
The people there were all very nice and friendly, my team and also the teachers. Your can notice that they really like what they doing and accordingly they treat you like this. All in all I can say it was a very good time in my life and it is a experience I will never forget. You meet many new very interesting people and have a lot of fun.

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Yes, I would
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