Exactly where I wanted to be

Impact: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I finished high school in summer 2021 and I decided to make volunteer before I start studying at the university. I chose this project and it was a really good decision
After two months of gaining knowledge in the One world center in Michigan we traveled to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There, we restored organic home gardens which some teams before us built. Afterwards we did garden visits to spread knowledge about organic farming on the island.
The next period was about actually building new home gardens, which was a wonderful experience and exactly what I wanted to do after school. Me and my trio built a garden for a very poor woman who had nothing, not even running water, and we changed her life for the better with the garden. Now she can save money because she doesn’t have to buy vegetables anymore and she can also sell her own and earn money. We actually gave her a base of life and food security as well – this is what I wanted to do in the project. Do actual help where it is needed.
For building the gardens we lived in the communities and that was the best part at all! We got to know the vincy culture better than we ever could in the school, we had a lot of nice talks, we did a beach cleanup with the community and gave some climate change courses for the village. And the whole village loved us.
But we didn’t work the whole time, we also did a lot of activities like visiting waterfalls, hiking on the volcano, go swimming in the night (and enjoy the glowing plankton) and early in the morning, or just after working to lay in the sun. We talked always to a lot of people,
In general you could say, that you have impressive nature if you cannot see or reach the ocean. That’s why I loved the time here also if the project wasn’t organized that good sometimes, it was the best experience I’ve ever made in my whole life. We were living in the paradise with a ton of fresh fruits that we could harvest from the trees, with people who are full of happiness even if they don’t have a lot in their life and with the best team I could imagine!

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