Amazing project, amazing country

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

An amazing time with PMGY Sri Lanka. This countries programme was very well run and organised and couldn't have felt safer during the struggles and conflict that was going on when I was there (July 2022). So many different weekend trips available to enable you to explore the whole country. The team they have there made going out in your free time so easy and gave so many examples and personal recommendations of things to do. Once you have decided what you would like to do, they also helped with planning it if you needed help.

Getting around was so easy with the tuktuks they had on hand and all of the drivers were so friendly (and love Coco Jambo – search it on Spotify ;) ). Every day after volunteering we would be greeted by all the puppies from the puppy rescue project which was the best. One of the best parts was the people I met when I was over there. I honestly become so close with everyone after living with them for 3 weeks and it really was sad when we all had to leave each other. However, I now have friends from Perth, Madrid, Berlin, England, America and so many more. I went out here with my girlfriend so if any couples are planning on doing this, I would say go for it but make sure you don’t close yourself off to meeting new people because you have each other! This is what me and my girlfriend made sure we would not do when we were out there and have made so many more friends than we have expected. Overall, such an unforgettable and amazing experience and I will definitely be traveling with PMGY again!

Ps. Stay in the Spice House in Mirissa for a weekend get-away. The best couple of days!

21 years old
Turtle Conservation – 3 weeks

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