3 Countries. 18 Weeks. BEST. SEMESTER. EVER.

Academics: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 4
Safety: 5

CIEE Open Campus program was something I've literally never heard of so when I found out I could live in 3 countries throughout one semester, I got excited! This program allowed me to meet so many incredible people and take classes that immersed me in my host culture while also giving me the freedom and encouragement to explore on my own. Each experience was so unique while I lived in Rome, London and Copenhagen for 6 weeks each.

I bet y'all are looking for some details though so here's some specifics. I attended this program in the spring of 2022, Covid was still pretty strict around Europe so parts of my program were a little different because of restrictions and rules. This sucked at times because we would have to get tested before every trip or excursion BUT CIEE handled this very well and we were still able to go on day trips through the program and attend fun events like pizza making in Rome or Hygge nights in Copenhagen!

I know traveling alone or committing to a study abroad program when you don't know anyone can be scary and I was a little nervous at first too but that's one thing I LOVED about CIEE. They are so hands on with meeting you at the airport, providing transportation to your housing, having people greet you at the study centers and having an orientation with important general information of your host country. All of this gave me so much peace while settling into each country and not having to worry about how I would get where in a foreign culture.

I can not recommend designing your own semester abroad enough! Why Wouldn't Ya?

p.s. I'm open to answering any specific questions anyone has whenever :)

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