Revolving door.

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Fun: 7
Facilities: 5
Safety: 10

Well, if one has an unpleasant experience one tends to be emotional when describing it.

I’ll try to avoid that and simply give a list of observations. I hope you find this helpful.

This is for the elementary school primarily,though from a few I’ve heard from, similarities exist between the other schools.

1. The curriculum coordinator (English speaking go between) appeared to literally have mental/emotional problems. He was always spaced out in appearance, screamed at kids when he wanted them to do something (loudly), overall a bad person. Maybe he shined on the inside though, who knows? He could not give directions to save his life and liked passing the blame for things not going along with the plan in his head to others. He was and probably still is notorious for incorrect information and being what one would call “two faced” or maybe, “underhanded” in his personal dealings with the staff.

2. The facilities, while appearing like a castle, are only so in face value. It takes a decent picture but unless your senses have been a bit adjusted by living in Taiwan for a while then you will see that the buildings quality is not that good. If you live here and come from a developed country then you know I’m being polite:) This is the least of the issues however. It is also interesting that the elevator is extremely slow, so instead of spending money on fixing it they have signs up saying “Exercise is good for you, children only use the elevator with teacher permission.”. The problem is that adults whether in good shape or not still have to either wait 5 minutes for the lift or climb 5 or more fairly long flights.

3. Everybody talks like they are walking on eggshells. This was the first sign that something was wrong. People also tend to disappear without warning. This was the second. I have heard stories of people getting yelled at, drama, etc while I was there. You only hear about it though because they want to keep a good image. Honestly,it’s a revolving door to a drama factory. Also, nobody cares about teaching anyone anything. The face of the building is just for the parents and as long as they don’t call to complain then everything is fine. In short, you or how good or bad you teach don’t matter. The place is run with a combination of petty, personal politics and tricking the parents into thinking that they are the best school to spend money on.

4.The teachers. Well, maybe it’s the kind of people that Taiwan attracts. I know that in Japan most English teachers look like they had a job at some point before they came over. Here, well, it’s not the same. It’s more like 95 no, I’ll be fair, 90%of their teachers got out of rehab, cleaned up and went shopping for work clothes at Wal-Mart before getting a new start on life. I also saw one man(presumably a man)in very high jean shorts while a small female student was hugging is leg. He was palming her face while gazing longingly into her eyes, then smiling and very warmly saying I love you. I thought “Aww, that is so…um, wait a minute.., oh god! should I report that!?” Well, moving on…

5.To sum it up, it’s a very large "buxiban". It’s not the best and not the friendliest and honestly the people who run things are underhanded and pick favorites. Also,if I had a video camera and made use of it at times the school would have been shut down for child abuse or health concerns on at least 4 or 5 instances(by Canadian, U.S., on England’s standards). Be smart, pass on this place. If I had to do it over again I would not. It is was not worth the money (money x time spent at school and amount of work)time wasted, emotional energy spent, or bother at having to go up a mountain clearly off the beaten path every blessed morning.

I hope this was informative enough to assist you and unbiased enough for you to trust, while being vague enough to hide the identities of the underhanded, protect the innocent, and possibly prevent the arrest of a normal guy who really “looked” a pedophile…..well, I mean he probably wasn’t a pedophile…I hope. Eww.

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