SMOE Excellence.

Benefits: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Facilities: 5
Safety: 5

SMOE has placed me in school that I could have only dreamed about. The school is located 10-15minutes away from my apartment and everything that I need to run the classroom is provided. The staff has been overwhelmingly helpful and have calm my nervousness for my first day of official teaching on Monday. In regards to the school, apartment and SMOE staff I have no complaints. However, the SMOE orientation in Suwon for 8 days can use a bit of change. The information that new English teachers were given in those 8 days of orientation at Kyung Hee University is invaluable. The lectures were perfect, every worry that I had about lesson planning, teaching and the students were answered by experienced teachers in a clear and concise manner. I never felt too overloaded and I really enjoyed the cultural awareness topics and fields trip. Now, with all that said and done the only thing that I think SMOE should consider changing are the 12-13hrs class days. Honestly, being for be up from 7am-8:20pm was very tiring and by 5pm most people were exhausted and not as lively in the classroom. I think SMOE should figure out a way to have these orientation lectures last for 12 days and everything ending at 6pm because with jet-lag and exhaustion those 12-13hrs days left a bitter taste in my mouth even if it was for my own good. I also disliked the 12am curfew but I doubt SMOE should change that because I am sure if we teachers didn't have it we might get into a little mischief.

I am extremely grateful for my job and I hope to renew with SMOE/EPIK next year. I already recommended this program to a friend and hopefully she can join me this coming Spring.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would