To each his/her own

Benefits: 7
Support: 6
Fun: 7
Facilities: 6
Safety: 8

Teaching at Kojen is...well, it's an experience. I can only speak on my experience teaching at two locations, all levels from preschool to adults. Yes, they do have a large selection of teaching books and some supplies, though the toys/things to use in the classroom tend to be old and somewhat beat up, some of the books have outdated topics/concepts, and the books have both British and North American English, which may be useful for the students if they'll interact w/a variety of native English speakers, but it sure creates confusion for them while learning. The Taiwanese co-teachers are generally friendly and helpful, though there's a "you and us" attitude/wall that separates most of the teachers. The secretaries and directors, if you're lucky enough to have good ones, will be helpful and kind...if not, there will be major communication (and I don't mean language) and help problems. Contrary to what the site info says, there's no paid vacation, and they seem more interested in pushing the students through the classes, keeping a steady flow of income, and saving face with the parents, rather than focusing on the students' actual English education and enjoyment, which is a shame. Myself, I enjoy teaching the kids (as do my native speaking co-workers), and most of them are a pleasure to teach. I go out of my way to ensure that they have a good grasp of the English they're being taught, as well as introducing them to western ideas and attitudes (the positive aspects) to broaden their perspective of people and the world in which they live. I make sure the classroom environment is upbeat and friendly, and we always have time to laugh and take things a little less seriously than the standard Taiwanese way of "this is the question, I'll spoon feed you the answer, you don't have to think and use your brain, simply memorize it, regurgitate it, and don't question me." Overall, I'd have to say, your experience at this company is going to depend on your director, the other native speaking teachers, and your Taiwanese co-teachers; I know the students will be fun to teach :)

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would