BEWARE: Edward Laiser, director of MICATZ Tanzania is dishonest and will get as much money as he can out of you

Impact: 1
Support: 1
Fun: 3
Value: 2
Safety: 4

Let me start by saying: Tanzania itself is AMAZING, and the people are wonderful, barring this one..

Here are the issues I encountered with this particular program and it's TZ director EDWARD LAISER:
1. Edward, who is very pushy and aggressive about money from the start (even at you sending the first request for information), allayed my concerns about his style by sending what appeared to be a very thorough and well-thought out project assignment packet. Once I arrived, I found that my assignment was 100% completely different from what he sent me prior to my arrival. It's like he literally just found a document he had used before and slapped my name on it "here's your assignment" to appease me and get me to send him the money. Three Swedish girls that boarded at the same time shared my dismay as what had been communicated to them was also a complete misrepresentation (accomodations, work assignment, organization/location, etc). Another thing that was bothersome was that leading up to and during my time in the country he harassed me constantly about buying safari package upwards of $600 US and was completely dismissive in his dealings with me after my final refusal during the last leg of my trip. Later I found out that he owns a safari touring company, which I think is his real bread and butter.
2. The most upsetting issue that I had with this man is that he stole $120 US from me. The $120 was sent to him (at his pressuring) so that he could purchase an additional volunteer visa on my behalf which he said was easier and standard practice. He NEVER purchased it. When I asked him about it a few times he assured me he would get the money back to me. For at least one month (after my return to the US) he led me to believe he was working on getting my money back to me, until one day he just stopped responding to my emails. Watch out for this guy. He is dishonest and focused on lining his pockets.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not