Orphnage in Golomolo village

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 8

I spent two weeks in Golomolo village volunteering with an orphanage. My volunteering includes classroom teaching, teaching kids new games, community outreach, grade six and seven girls group sharing circle, and other duties.

During my stay in Golomolo village my room was in close proximity to the girl's dormitory which brought enjoyment to hear the voices of four year old girls singing each night before they go to bed. This was a revisit in itself to my own childhood of singing and laughter. Several nights I managed to sleep for only five hours because I could not cease to listen to those beautful voices.

I am an African woman and was challenged by the Ugandan cooking techniques that was different from my own traditional cooking techniques.Cooking style, food type, all these were challenges for me, in addition to having minor food allergies.The Ugandan food that I enjoyed and could eat for all three meals in a day was Chapati. I really enjoyed it and since my return to Canada, I've craved chapati on several occassions and longing for the moment where I can have it again.

On my way to Golomolo village, the discomfort was a bit extreme for my back not to mention others. The road condition was severe, the infrastructure was poor. I was not totally shocked, I was experiencing the reality of most less developed countries governance. Too many cars without adequate roads to accommodate them, though I must say that the Ugandans were expert drivers but I did not have the courage to drive there. My two weeks in Golomolo was an amazing experience, meeting with new amazing peope, learning processes and life encouragement. Anyone interested in grassroot development; Golomolo village is an ideal and a match for you!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would