Best experience ever

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 3
Value: 5
Safety: 5

If anyone love animals, likes to learn about them and watch them very close in their daily life this volunteer program is the best thing that can happen to him or her. It is a lot of money to pay for a few weeks but it is worth it and the people are always friendly, energetic even when they have to work on the weekend. No wonder if they work with these amazing animals. Also I thought only about the lions before I went there but afterwards I can't forget the hyena coming towards me and lick my neck or the black leopards jumping from tree to tree climbing like an ape. Of course the lions are very impressing, especially when it's feeding time but you shouldn't underestimate the impressiond and appearance of the hyenas and black leopards.It is definitely one of the most impressing experiences in my life and I will never forget it.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would