A Life Changing Experience

Academics: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Housing: 5
Safety: 4

I decided to study abroad because I wanted a summer that I would never forget. I also wanted the opportunity to travel and experience new things. The program I participated in was absolutely great. To start off, I became extremely infatuated with the city after living there for only a couple days. London is truly hopping. The great restaurants, shopping, nightlife, I could go on for days. In addition to the NYC feel, London has great architecture and history rooted within the city. The ISA program was so easy-going and fun. Many activities were planned but not mandatory (even though everyone wanted to go to everything!). The education abroad team found the perfect medium between guiding me to find things to do/places to see and allowing me to venture out on my own. The education abroad team was terrific and so loving. They truly took good care of us! The best thing about this program was that it allowed me to see some the most beautiful, jaw-dropping sights. The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Houses of Parliament, Stonehenge, and the Roman Baths just to name a few. I have absolutely no regrets in choosing this program. For future students studying abroad, just dive right in. It is going to be the greatest experience of your life!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would