You asked, I shall give.

Benefits: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Facilities: 8
Safety: 9

As a young, bright eyed, and adventurous man, I entered into the TEFL program by Compass Education. I was ready to start a new chapter of my life. Was I excited? Yes...yes I was. One of the first things I liked about Compass upon entering the training location is that they had a working air conditioning unit. If you didn't know already, Vietnam is hot as H E double hockey sticks. I came here with a friend, and in our first days we thought we were going die from the heat. The heat... and cheap drinks.

After meeting our instructors, and experiencing the first few days of classes, I felt like I had made a great decision. I will say that a lot of information given to our group proved to be quite useful for me when I began teaching. They answered almost any questions I had about teaching and Vietnam in general. Some questions I asked they would not answer, which is probably for the best. If you are concerned they are uptight and not friendly, I will give you proof that they are not such things. During one of the Vietnamese lessons that they gave us (FOH FREE!) they were kind enough to tell me how to say almost anything I wanted to know. I must admit they hesitated at first to tell me some things, but I was able to get them to tell me by using my undeniable charm upon them. They still to this day help me with all sorts of things.

As mentioned in another review, they did not teach a lot of games, but every now and then they hold seminars that you can learn a ton of games. They still show you a couple games that are useful during the course. While games are fun, they still make sure you are capable of being able to teach a class without games to take up time (yes, I know games can be used as an effective learning tool also).

When it came time for me to do the practice teaching, I felt very capable based off what I learned during the course. Any trouble you have, they take the time necessary to make sure you overcome your troubles. You get plenty of chances to work on your teaching methods.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would