The best experience of my college career!

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 4
Safety: 4

Honestly, I didn't compare many study abroad programs when I was choosing which program I wanted to go through. When I saw that I could attend the Cannes Film Festival, I knew that's the program I wanted. It was everything I wanted it to be! I was able to travel to several different places in France through AIFS and to a few other countries on my own during breaks. Sandrine and Aude, the AIFS staff that work at the college, are always there to answer any questions about anything regarding study abroad, traveling, or just general French questions! The Cannes Film Festival was really exciting, and although it is tiring, you can get a lot out of the festival if you put in the time with the resources you are given by the program. Cannes is a fairly small town when the festival isn't going on, and although I didn't believe this would happen, I found myself annoyed by all the tourists that came during the festival (which was at the end of the four months I was there). I really felt that Cannes was my town. It was easy to learn where everything was once you go out and explore, and the school is within walking distance from the beach! I also thought that all of the teachers were nice and that I learned a lot in my classes. It was a great experience in every way!

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Yes, I would
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