Great 2 weeks volunteering

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

We decided to break up our trip with 2 weeks volunteering at La Senda Verde in Bolivia. We couldn't have hoped for a better 2 weeks.

When we arrived there were 6 other volunteers, a couple of them were long-termers (up to 18 months) who still showed a lot of passion for their work. As a short-term volunteer you can expect to be assigned to animals on a rotational basis. To begin with you'll probably work with the birds (about 50+ of them), the turtles or assigned to quarantine. Quarantine is for new animals, there are a couple of monkeys there, birds and tayras (otter-like creatures).

After a week or so I got to work with the monkeys, in particular the capuchins who made the experience unforgettable. They've each got their own personalities and in down-time between feeding and cleaning you can go hang out and play with them.

The accommodation is fairly basic, but sufficient, the showers are good and there's a good communal area with pool table, tv + movies and bar. You can buy snacks and drinks for a decent price, I think large beers are about 17Bs and a bottle of wine is 35Bs. We were lucky enough to work with some great people, some of them we'll keep in touch with from now on.

You can expect to work about 8 hours per day with a few breaks in between. If you work longer than 2 weeks, you can ask to work on a special project like with incoming baby monkeys where you'll be their surrogate mother.

We hope that we can return to La Senda Verde again in the future!

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