They will cancel last minute and leave it to you to pick up the pieces.

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I had put a deposit on my program before the "early bird" deadline and started raising money. Near February OG really encouraged me to get my plane ticket asap so I could confirm the times and dates with them, so I did.

In March my trip was spontaneously cancelled through EMAIL. No person-to-person explanation. I had to contact them for information.
At this point all they could offer me was the trip later in the summer, or another program which started later and the refund of what I had paid them up to date. I could do neither of the other trips because I am student and was counting on those months to work (my original program was early in the summer).

It took me 2 months of fighting with airlines to get my plane ticket reimbursed which totaled over 2K.

Worse more, summer plans that I was dead-set on going through with were squashed with too little time left in the academic year to plan an alternate trip. I spent since November being in contact with OG and pumping myself up for this experience.

I would not recommend this organization to anyone. I spoke with at least 4 others, some in different programs, who this happened to. All they advertise are the happy stories, and fail to talk about the people who get messed over each year in non-refundable tickets and broken plans.

Tread lightly.

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