not great

Impact: 6
Support: 1
Fun: 2
Value: 4
Safety: 8

Staff were fairly unsupportive and unfriendly, some were lovely but others treated us like we were school children, which wasn't what I had expected! We were not allowed days off if we were exhausted. Sleeping arrangements were not what was listed, as they were supposed to be 2 people sharing a 3 person tent, but we in fact shared 2 person tents, which e had to cram our 2 huge bags into as well. I wasn't expecting fantastic accommodation, I was prepared for a month in a tent, but not to be in such a tiny one with large holes in so we were regularly disturbed by mice in our tent in the night. It was difficult to sleep which generally impacted on the entire trip. Im not entirely sure what our money paid for. I loved the wildlife aspects of the trip, and some of the malagasy people were lovely. But support from staff was poor and I would not recommend this trip to anybody. Definitely go to Madagascar, it was a fantastic beautiful country, but do not go with opwall. (I have since heard that some of their other trips were wo derful, particularly peru, and as this was the second year Madagascar had been running it may have improved. But for the cost dont risk it!!!)

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
Year Completed