Better Look Elsewhere Before Settling Here

Benefits: 3
Support: 2
Fun: 7
Facilities: 3
Safety: 8

Absolutely ridiculous place to work. Considering the hours you work, they way underpay their staff and they cheat you on taxes and other benefits on top of that. You are teaching kindergarten, which is illegal. Many terrible students and they refuse to discipline them or expel them from school in fear of the owner losing money.

Their buxiban is even terrible as well. It is really a "cram school" because you will have the kids fill out 5-6 pages in a book for a class and you have nothing else to do but cram and make sure all the kids have filled out everything in their books perfectly.

Local staff is filled with bitter awomen who resent their posts and the foreigners around them.

This was at the Sanxia branch, the flagship school.

Overall terrible experience. They have cameras in every classroom. Sometimes teachers are accused of doing things or not doing things and in the event that you attempt to defend yourself by telling them to check the camera, they won't do it.

They always under report income and one teacher was denied his APRC because they have been doing this for so long. They do this to cheat you on your taxes. They say you make less money than you do but in the end this screws you because you don't get your money back and they pocket the difference for themselves!

Only way to get through this experience is to develop Stockholm Syndrome.

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