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Housing: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 7
Value: 8
Safety: 10

First of all - It is extremely hard to rate whether or not I would suggest this program to a friend/peer as there are many aspects are subjective/based on the family/au pair's attitude. My family is amazing. Bottom line. I adore them and all that they have done for me. It is, however, at times somewhat easy to feel disconnected or trapped in this situation. For me, it's almost as if I am being held back by my own guilt for wanting to go out more than is reasonable, or not being satisfied personally with the work that I am doing. This is an example of one of those situations which is completely subjective to my own situation. Would I recommend this program to a recent university grad who is in their early/mid twenties and is looking to gain work/worldly experience? No. I would however recommend this program to someone between 17 - 20; someone who is thinking of taking a gap year and is also seeking to gain some cultural/social experience abroad. This program revolves mainly around taking care of host children, obviously, which can be challenging and mentally tiring at times. While we get doted on and live rent/amenity free, the pay is next to nothing. One could easily find experiences similar/more fulfilling abroad which would not only pay more, but also look much better on a resume. Unfortunately, when I go out with my fellow Au-pairs, the majority of the conversation revolves around complaining about our current situation - which is sad. This program needs to be more transparent on both ends of the spectrum (family AND Au pair), when selecting families and applicants. This is not a 6 month vacation in China. Families will not be receiving world-class English tutor's who will turn your children into westernized model citizens. Period. For this program to be successful, a middle ground needs to be established. It should include a desirable amount of freedom/compensation for the Au pair, and also ensure that the families are receiving an Au pair with a certain degree of willingness to nurture and teach their children (Not just any person who is white and does not have a current drug problem). I am glad I did this - I have met many amazing people, and the workers at HHS are amazing, but if it weren't for my desire to learn Chinese, I think that three months would have sufficed. Everyone is different, and maybe this program will be perfect/life-changing for you. Do your research. Talk with people who have done this before. Good luck

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