Great Experience in China with HHS Center

Housing: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Value: 9
Safety: 10

My name is Steve McAllister. Now I'm 24 and 6 month I had spent in Beijing with HHS Center and my second family there. In UK i graduated from university with a master degree in international relations in 2013. I spent a couple of months in my country trying to find myself, but then decided to go to China and study as much as possible from inside about this colorful country. My foreign experience is not rich, just within Europe, but I still wanted to take this adventure - to a totally different country which is unique and exciting!
After searching online for days for different possibilities that can put me into China easily and safely, I got HHS Center finally and luckily. They replied to me immidiately and patiently. They are not an agency but the right company focusing on introducing foreign aupairs to Chinese families. So, i don't need to pay any service fees, and all the families they provide are affluent, well-connected ones interested in broadening their children's horizons through international exchange. With their help, all procedures went smoothly. And i didn't expect i could come to China so fast after 6 weeks. I was so looking forward to my host family with whom we met via skype interview.
Not until did i arrive at the airport that i felt it would be a great challenge. The local care coordinator (we call them Lcc) and the host mom greeted me at the airport and sent me directly back to my new home in Beijing. I cannot remember the following days, because i had been in half-sleeping status for almost a week. And i got lost couple of times on the way to HHS Center and back home... Beijing is so spreadout! Anyway, everytime i can get almost 24/7 support from HHS.
Though with some difficulties at the very beginning, still i felt i became a real member of this Chinese family. My host-kid now calls me an older brother and i can really be proud because of this. We play and study, and play the piano together. He is 4 and a tutoring is going while we play together. He likes me read him books and stories. There is 1000 and 1 way to play with a child. Everything depends just from imagination. My responsibilites are to play with him, take care when we play outside with or without host parents, and accompany him on the back sit of the car while one of his parents drives the car. Of course, the way of tuoring depends from the age of the child: if it is a baby it should be one way, if it is a teenager the way also should be another. Everything depends from kids' personality.
Thanks to HHS center, i've already experienced a lot. Now i have a second family in China, where i can alway go back anytime and we send wishes to each other like a family. And i made lots of new friends with the staff in HHS center and other participants from all over the world. I'm going to hang out with some of them when they are back to UK, definitely!

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