Guyana was great but the Worldteach program was not professional.

Benefits: 1
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Facilities: 4
Safety: 1

I enjoyed Guyana very much. I even took addition jobs after my program was over. The people were fun and friendly.

Despite my efforts I'm sure I did not make a lasting impact on the education of my students. The conditions at my site turned me into more of a babysitter then a serious educator. But my understanding is that this is typical of these types of programs.

Worldteach ended their program midway my year. They cited safety concerns but in my opinion it was obviously budgetary reasons. It was very embarrassing to be part of an organization that dropped its responsibilities.

In addition, we received poor training and inaccurate information about our placement sites. I had to rely on a lot of help from the local community when I first arrived to just get the basics for survival. I felt like a foolish tourist not a professional.

I voted "would not recommend" for this program for the above reasons. But I do not regret my time there. If you choose to go, bring extra cash. Also be sure to check your privilege and be extra kind when asking the locals for assistance.

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