Botswana Conservation

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Value: 9
Safety: 10

My time in the Tuli block was just incredible.

The variety of animals and the unknown of what you will see that day is very captivating. I was lucky enough to see the Tuli block in two different cycles of life. When I arrived it was the dry season; everything was brown, raw and harsh. There was a little water and it was a really big check for me to see these animals live in this sort of environment. Large herds of elephant, many species of antelope, hippo and crocodile, lions, leopards and cheetahs!

When the rains came..and boy did they come it was like a waterfall was falling on the entire world. It was very humbling to witness the power of mother nature. When they stopped the Tuli block came alive. The trees began to burst and the flowers began to bloom. The contrast between when I arrives and the rains was so inspiring, life finds a way!

I also helped with some of the maintenance of the area. This involved controlling soil erosion, invasive plant removal, wire and fence removal, clearing and cutting of roads as well as providing a presence to deter poachers. I also had the opportunity to help with data drives. We would hop in the 4x4 and drive out into the bush, with the aim to see as many animals as possible that were logged into the data system for future reference.

I had a brilliant time. The tuli block is an amazing place to be when the seasons change as you get to witness the hard times and the easier times too!

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