Incredible Thailand

Impact: 5
Support: 8
Fun: 4
Value: 9
Safety: 9

My Thailand trip was definitely the break I needed from a long and stressful final school year, I had a ton of fun and met loads of great people. The first few days in Bangkok were busy, some of it wasn't too spectacular like the floating market - big tourist trap - but a lot of the temples were amazing, and the locals were so friendly! Then we had a few relaxing days in Hua Hin by the beach, I think the boat tour we did was almost everyones highlight. We stopped at an island inhabitited only by little monkeys! Everyone got massively sunburnt apart from me. Bring suncream or your face may peel like our Group Leaders did... We then took a five hour train back to Bangkok followed by a night-train to Chiang Mai. That was a long day. Chiang-Mai was probably my favourite place, we saw elephants, tigers, did a bike tour, went "tubing" down the river (floating on big rubber rings) and of course the nightlife was pretty great. After a week we took another night train down to Lothburi and stayed with loads of other volunteers while working at an orphanage, another great week and I was never bored. The kids were lovely and there are other things to do like swimming, shopping, etc. I remember always feeling really safe in Thailand, our group leader did a great job although I felt like communication between him and head office wasn't great, our trup was different to what we expected. I still had an amazing time and would absolutely reccomend the program to anyone interesting in Thailand, volunteering or just meeting new people and seeing an entirely different part of the world culturally.

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