Could it have been any better!?

Impact: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 9

After spending two months and 1 day in South Africa working with ACE there was a HUGE part of me that never would have left. The first project, Khulula Care for Wild, supplied me with an experience I will carry with me for an eternity. If you don't mind early mornings and long days that is... The work is hard, but the people you meet you'll not want to say goodbye to. This project is a big eye opener to the reality of South Africa, both people and animals, but with a willingness to learn and accept your surroundings it becomes a beautiful place to work. After working with orphaned White Rhino for four weeks, vervet monkeys and many other animals, I can easily say that it was completely worth the money.
The second project, Hanchi conservation experience, simply topped off my trip. I met people I will never forget, who opened my eyes to so many life opportunities. This project, which involves tracking animals such as buffalo, white rhino and elephants, was just unforgettable. The camp is shared with the Elephant and Rhino tracking project, which I was lucky enough to be involved with several times. The members of staff were fantastic, ensuring we all had the best experience possible. I highly recommend ACE as a program to use, I was entirely safe in their hands and any problems people had were sorted immediately. ACE have all the right priorities and volunteers happiness at heart. Don't think twice about this, I promise it's something you'll never regret!

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