Amazing experience

Impact: 9
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Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 10

On my arrival at Port Elizabeth I was met by the very friendly face of Junayne one of the co-ordinators and he was joined by some of the volunteers so a very nice welcome.

I travelled alone and the first day or two is quite daunting joining a house where some people have been living for weeks already and you wonder if you'll fit in but do not worry about this, before you know it you're just part of the 'family' and I have honestly made friends for life.

I volunteered at the Human Dignity Centre and I suppose you'd call my job a teaching assistant, helping to children who take a bit more time to learn than some of the other children in class and working with them one to one. The first day I was full of nerves again wondering how I'll fit in what my actual role would be but everyone was welcoming especially
the children who were very excited to have a new girl in class!

I've never volunteered before and although I knew I would enjoy it I under estimated how much I would take away with me. The children are amazing, always smiling and happy and sometimes a little naughty. They have so little compared to the children that I know and love at home in the UK yet they seem to not ask for anything. Helping a child who couldn't write their name when you arrived but could by the time you left is an amazing feeling.

I would recommend volunteering at the Izizwe Project to everyone and Port Elizabeth is a great city to be in. Beach, beachside pools, karaoke all within walking distance. Trips out at weekends to the surrounding areas. I tried sand-boarding (I was useless), black water tubing and much more. It's good balance of 'work' (if that's what you call it) and seeing South Africa a beautiful country.

Thank you to Roos and Junayne the co-ordinators who live at the volunteer with you, miss you guys so much!

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