Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Value: 4
Safety: 4

I first went to the sanctuary in 2012 straight after uni. Myself and a friend went over for 1 month but as soon as we arrived we wished we had booked for longer. In the time that I spent there I met people that I will cherish forever. The work at the sanctuary is hands on with high levels of involvement expected from all volunteers. You can see the impact that you are having and how you are improving the lives of the animals that you care for. As I went in July the first time, the threat bush fires was the main problem I faced however as everyone was so actively involved in the work, the problem was not too serious. I was also lucky enough to forge close bonds with several of the monkeys that I worked with. I went back to the sanctuary in September 2013 with my boyfriend (who I met at the sanctuary the year before). We both loved our time at IPR so much and even after 1 year we could see the difference in both the sanctuary itself and the animals. We know we'll definitely visit again to see the continuation of this great support centre.

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Yes, I would
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